Data-driven not just in name.

Nowadays we have access to an infinite flow of data, but having a huge amount of numbers doesn’t mean knowing your market.

Discover AntScraper

That’s why we built AntScraper, which allows us to build real strategies starting from all the information the market makes available.

Our scraping algorithm will search for any information to build a solid foundation for future strategic choices.

Data analytics

To be able to track and understand the data of your target market, both through proprietary data and certified sector data


To manage advertising campaigns and be capable of reaching the right target at the best moment, making strategic choices based on the actions that each user takes


To build customized communication for the company, able to speak directly to its users and understand their doubts and beliefs

Web development

To build websites and e-commerce platforms capable of always keeping up with users' browsing intentions

Our team

Davide Mancuso

Data-driven human

CEO & Founder

I founded Brain on strategy to extend the data-driven culture to as many companies as possible: we have a huge amount of information available like never before, and only a fool would leave it to rot on the plate.

Andrea Vaghi

Professional Thinker

Head of marketing

Always been a lover of technology and information technology. Forever passionate about marketing and business. I transform every obstacle into a challenge because a victory can only arise from a challenge.

Davide Rivolta


Graphic Designer

Bad artist, avid gamer, creator of imaginative passwords, generator of more ideas than time allows to realize them, and nerd in graphics since I can remember.

Francesco Caprile

Getting things done

Paid advertising manager

Lover of flying, diving and neuroscience. I have an unbridled passion for technology, gaming and marketing. Head in the clouds and underwater, looking for new points of view and solutions to improve things.