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We analyze market and customer data to provide you with the best marketing strategy for your business.

A data agency in the DNA

We have access to a great deal of information, but it is difficult to decipher it in a useful way. Understanding the market and its trends is the only way to be able to make informed choices and develop a solid company capable of communicating and retaining its customers.

That’s why, thanks to market analysis and a correct tracking model, we can define a tailor-made strategy for your company, like a suit tailored especially for you.

That’s why we are a data agency. Our task is not only to build a marketing strategy but to understand which messages are effective and how people react to your campaigns, to improve the marketing effectiveness of your company.

Some of our projects


How to leverage a loyal online community for the successful launch of a new digital product.

Eshop su misura

The effects of 2020 on commercial activities have been indelible, which is why we have created customizable e-commerce!

Genoa Orientation Exhibition

Data as educational guidance for young people: how the world of work is changing… but in numbers.

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